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    As an American, I have heard the statement &#8220;Death by Chocolate&#8221; so many times. I do not consider that statement American bashing at all, as Rita suggested. Let&#8217;s all relax and enjoy the beautiful pictures that are sent to us. Life is just to short to complain about a silly statement,which did not mean any harm to Americans. As far as putting on weight, it does come from the genes you are born with.Let us all try to remember that!!!!! Ciao, Claudia
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    Sounds to me like your radio isnt grounded correctly. Reground radio (bare chassis) and then it should work. If not, check ALL of your fuses in the car and the radio itself.
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    I made this tonight and it is delish! I didn&#39;t buy to spicy of a salsa so next time I would add something to boost the heat. This one is a keeper. Thank you for sharing!
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    yeah..the main post is coming down,leaving a blank area on top..I guess I liked the old one..n this one can be made defintely better with some more modifications..:)