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    super delicioasa si perfecta pentru vremea rece de afara! Ador usturoiul in ciorbite pupicei fata frumoasa si o saptamana de exceptie!VA:F [1.9.21_1169]please wait...VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)
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    This looks rich and wonderful, Sawsan. The photo with the apple slices is just so enticing! That picture sold me on your recipe, right then and there. I’ve pinned this for future reference. Thank you!
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    Chapeau to you Sir! T’was a pleasure to accompany you on the last ride of 2011, even if you did draft me and Keith only to jump us at Marykas bridge and post another Strava segment time.Next time we will be ready! )
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    Jason,I should also have noted that your link certainly DOES provide “a different perspective” on the whole Debusman situation. Different indeed. That article illustrates all the more clearly Debusman’s opposition to the clearly expressed will of the people of the SBC since 1979, and thereby undergirds my point.
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    Thank you Katie for GREAT ideas. I am inspired to start a preteen ministry in our Church. I wish I could get more ideas… You have alot of experience and may the Lord continue to use you to help others like me.
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    e a frase veio de uma mulher, escritora e psicóloga...há mulheres e homens para todos os gostos, na actualidade, modernas e conservadoras e vice-versa.mas há sempre quem continue a gostar de colocar rótulos, mesmo no século XXI, MC...abraço
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