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    Thank you Katie for GREAT ideas. I am inspired to start a preteen ministry in our Church. I wish I could get more ideas… You have alot of experience and may the Lord continue to use you to help others like me.
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    e a frase veio de uma mulher, escritora e psicóloga...há mulheres e homens para todos os gostos, na actualidade, modernas e conservadoras e vice-versa.mas há sempre quem continue a gostar de colocar rótulos, mesmo no século XXI, MC...abraço
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    I’m suprised by your neil armstrong pick. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but he seems more like the visible face of the thousands of people who made the moon landing possible – is he really a top-notch person in all of history? What else has he done?(I’m asking seriously – I haven’t heard anything about him, other than his participation in the first moon landing.)
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    lol many of the commentary individuals write make me giggle, oftentimes i ask myself if they really read the articles and reports before leaving your 2 cents or whether they simply read the post title and post the first thing that drifts into their minds. nonetheless, it is really nice to look over sensible commentary occasionally instead of the exact same, outdated oppinion vomit which i usually observe on the internet
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    That is funny. I can imagine your expression…WHATTTTTTTT ))What is his email address?There is an outside chance his email address is _company.comSometimes companies give email addresses based on the servers they are using.
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    The Christians of Iraq are normally more educated then their muslim counterparts, however you must remember that they have been an opressed minority in the middle east for a thousand years, just like jews they have developed very close-nit relationship within the family and with the other people with-in the assyrian community.Since they were the minority they could be even more tribal then the muslims.However normally they dont see the westerners as infidels, maybe as weaklings but not infedels.
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    Whether Banksy wins or not, the whole event is now clearly a performance art piece secretly put together by him and Franco. No one will ever reference or admit to it. That&#8217;s part of its genius.In other news, I can&#8217;t believe Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World didn&#8217;t get any of the technical Oscar nominations. Whether you liked the movie or not, you can&#8217;t deny that it looked pretty awesome throughout.
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    Lucy, thanks for stopping by! I&#8217;ve had similar revision experiences. Mostly the rewrites! LOL. And I&#8217;ve definitely found there&#8217;s been a new element to my process with each MS. Each set of characters, each story, is so different, it&#8217;s like learning all over again each time. I head for the coffee maker, but I think it&#8217;s the same idea. A little comfort to take the sting out!!
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    Why can&#8217;t more writers come up with fresh content like you have in this article. You are a true thinker with a lot of vision. I share your unique thoughts.